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About Dwayne Smikle

Founder of, graphic artist and web designer Dwayne Smikle is an effective visual communicator from the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Now residing in the US, he continues his work as a graphic artist/web designer. From concept to completion, producing compelling unique illustrative art through various mediums, his talented approach to graphic design displays his creative ability to adapt and grow with the demands and needs of his clients.

'I am just an ordinary man doing extraordinary things with art. Just click on the link to my personal website to learn more about me or click on my photos to see a small smaple of my work'. - Dwayne

Some of our services Include:
  + Brand Design & Development
  + Creative Retouching
  + Print/Layout Design
  + Website Design/E-Commerce Solutions
  + Illustrations
  + Digital Marketing
  + Video Editing
  + Multimedia Design
  + Packaging Design

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Skype Tel e-Fax: 508-462-0717
skype ID Skype ID: dwsmikle

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